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About Us

The goal of the International Consortium of Universities for the Study of Biodiversity and the Environment or iCUBE is to bring together a core group of globally recognized research universities to form a consortium dedicated to addressing issues and challenges related to biodiversity, the environment and sustainability, through collaborative efforts in research and education.
The Consortium aims to foster collaborative research, facilitate knowledge dissemination and promote awareness and understanding of issues related to biodiversity and the environment. The Consortium endeavors to strengthen existing linkages and foster new international connections, promote intellectual and educational exchanges, and encourage interaction among scholars and students.


iCUBE is comprised of a group of globally recognized research universities who share a common vision and are committed to research and education on biodiversity, climate change, sustainability and the environment


Governing Board

The iCUBE Governing Board, made up of the Presidents/Vice Chancellors/Rectors/Principals or their representatives, has responsibility for the general policy directions and decisions, strategic planning, general approval of programmes and activities, and general funding approval and budget of the Consortium. The Governing Board meets biennially, hosted by a participating university of the Consortium.

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee, represented by a senior officer of the participating university (Vice President/Assistant Vice Chancellors/Directors of Research/Senior Research Officers), has responsibility over the formulations, development, approval and funding of specific programmes, activities and projects in line with the vision and mission of the Consortium, especially relating to education and research in biodiversity and the environment. The Scientific Committee meets at least once a year.


A Secretariat, comprising a full-time Director and support staff, will oversee the administrative and logistical operations to ensure effective planning and functioning of the Consortium. The Secretariat will also be responsible for managing the Consortium's budget. Currently, the Secretariat is hosted by University Brunei Darussalam, and will be rotated among the universities within the Consortium after a designated period of time.