International Workshop on the Impact of Climate Change & Innovations for a Sustainable Future

"iCUBE Workshop Sets Agenda on Climate Change Research"


In recognizing the serious threats of climate change to the economy, social and environmental development and also the security balance in the world, iCUBE considers developing the next generation of scientists required to tackle the problems facing our environment as a crucial step towards achieving the vision and mission of the Consortium. Engaging graduate students in their academic development is an effective way to inspire and develop new talent and build human capacity. Thus, the workshop aims to:

a)  To disseminate knowledge, promote awareness and understanding on global climate change and its impact on the environment amongst young scientists and youths of different nationalities, background and culture as the future guardian of such resources.

b)  To strengthen existing and further create new international links among students and staff of the Consortium through intellectual, cultural and people-to-people interactions for better mutual understanding.


There will be three main activities of the workshop:

Lectures and Discussions
A series of lectures or presentations will be delivered by invited experts or scientists who have been involved in the studies of climate change and sustainable development. Topics of lectures will be identified later, based on the areas of expertise of the invited speakers. Lectures will be followed by discussion sessions to stimulate participants interest and involvement.

The lectures will complement the fieldwork to be conducted in the rainforests and other environs, including coastal and marine areas of Brunei.   This will provide hands-on experience on the various techniques and tools useful for understanding climate change and the gathering of relevant research data.  The participants can also get involved in UBD’s Global Earth Observatory Project, a research initiative to monitor tropical rainforest ecosystem and their response to global climate change.

Tours and Cultural Activities
The workshop will include visits to relevant places of interest and homestays.  This will expose participants to the rich culture and way of life of the people of Brunei.  The home stay will also provide a platform for the participants to interact with the people of Brunei, to foster mutual understanding of each other’s customs and interactions.


The workshop is targeted for graduate students from iCUBE who may have interests (not necessarily be knowledgeable) on biodiversity and climate change. However, all participants are expected to have science background. Each iCUBE university may nominate 3 to 4 graduate student participants, as well as one expert who may be interested in teaching to the group.

dsc 0362      Participants 1

Participants 2

Time and Venue

The workshop will run for a period of 11 days and it will take place from the 9th to 19th January 2012. Lectures and discussions will be held at the Institute for Leadership, Innovation and Advancement (ILIA) on UBD’s main campus, whilst fieldwork will be held at KBFSC and Ulu Mendaram.

The updated programme is available here.