An iCUBE workshop has started at the Korea University (2-5 February 2015)

korea01Linking Climate Change, Biodiversity and Energy to Sustainable Development and Ecosystem Resilience

Workshop Update - Day 1 (2 Feb 2015)
The director of Brain Korea 21 Plus Eco-Leader Education Center for wise adaptation to climate change (BK21Plus ELEC), Korea University, Prof. Woo-Kyun Lee announced that the International Consortium of Universities for the Study of Biodiversity and the Environment (hereinafter referred to 'iCUBE') workshop has started on 2 February. iCUBE will be held on 2 -5 February 2015 at Korea University.

More than 30 experts from 4 countries gathered in Korea University for the workshop aims to develop strategies to solve our current problems in terms of climate change, biodiversity, energy and resilience through wide international cooperation among participants. In order to share the information of each participant’s research and their interest, many experts gave a lecture.

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