Korea University

With a founding spirit of “national salvation through education” Korea University has grown and prospered for more than 100 years. From its foundation by the Korean royal household in 1905 and into the modern period of rapid economic development, Korea University has been the driving force behind education and social change in Korea. We invite you to learn more about Korea University and the vibrant learning and social environment it has to offer.


• Originally founded as Bosung College in 1905 by the Royal Household of the Chosun Dynasty.
• Campus established at Anam-dong (Seoul) in 1934.
• Established as a university and renamed Korea University in 1946.
• Graduate school established in 1949.
• Second campus located at Sejong, 150Km south of Seoul, completed in 1982.
• Celebrated centennial anniversary on May 5, 2005.

General Statistics

• 37,553 full-time students (Undergraduate: 25,399, Graduate: 9,865)
• 1,587 full-time faculty (1,351 Anam, 236 Sejong)
• 477 administrative staffs (389 Anam, 88 Sejong)
• Campuses – Anam Campus, Science Campus, Green Campus, Health Science Campus and Sejong Campus
• 22 graduate and professional schools
• 21 undergraduate colleges and divisions
• 2011’ university budget: Approx 900 million dollars (KRW 1,008,335,000,000)
• Campus area : 1,193,237 (Anam: 789,997, Sejong: 403,240)